Textbook Management

Export to SA-SAMS

Your textbook data can be exported to SA-SAMS. You will need to download and install the vBooks to SA-SAMS program from the web site. An API key ensures that only your data is read from vBooks.


- Purchase new books
- Write off books
- Lost books, invoice the learner
- Condition of books
- Damaged books
- Keep track of each book's condition
- Generate and print bar codes
- Full audit trail of each book


Books can be issued to educators, individual learners or a class. The system ensures that the correct text book is issued based on the subjects of the learner. Learners who have not been issued with a text book are easily identifiable making it easier to ensure that a learner has received all of their text books.


Books can be returned individually, by educator, individual learner or class by simply scanning or entering the bar code. The condition of the book can be changed before returning it. Reports can be printed, per learner or educator, showing who has not returned a book.


Notifications are displayed on the home screen of learners who must return books because either they have left the school or they have changed a subject.


When writing off a book, you have the option of invoicing the learner or educator for the book. You are able to print a statement and receive payment for an account.

Stock Take

At any point you can take stock of your text books. Once all the books have been scanned or entered, the system provides an exception report of books not accounted for. The exceptions must be managed and a reason for each missing book given.


There are a vast number of reports available in vBooks.

Reports can be printed showing all learners who have not been issued a text book for a subject. This report can be printed per learner or per educator.

Year End

The year end process ensures that all of the books are returned at the end of the school year.

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